Take the stress out of your Resource Consent process with ASAP Plans.

Our team understands that Resource Consent is more than just an application process.  Talk to us. We can provide you with an experienced consultant to oversee your Resource Consent from the beginning, right through to completion. Once approval is granted, we continue to monitor your consent.

There are many frustrating stages to go through when applying for & monitoring a Resource Consent.

Every new subdivision has its own unique hurdles to jump over. Likewise, all resource consents have their own challenges. Requirements can be specific to your neighbourhood or even to each individual site.

There are many stages involved with applying for & monitoring a Resource Consent. Being successful with your Resource Consent process requires constant & diligent attention. At ASAP Plans, we know how to chip away at each condition on your behalf.

At ASAP Plans we have experience in every facet of this process including:

Resource Consent management is a labour-intensive & time-consuming process. With our experience & expertise on your side, you will have the advantage. Having our team on call to consult with means you are never left in the dark. If you are looking for the complete resource consent service for your subdivision, talk to us today.

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