Architectural designs for new subdivisions.

At ASAP Plans we are the only architectural design service specifically created to provide a vast selection of plans for subdivisions.  With over 200 plans available right now, our different ever growing collection of styles allows you to choose the right design & size mix for your housing development. With two bedroom, three bedroom & four bedroom homes.

At ASAP Plans, we can help you to pick the perfect design for your subdivision & tailor it to fit your overall look. We’re adept at creating alternative appearances of duplicate houses to create the right overall look for your subdivision. We can make the same house look ten different ways.

Designed for New Zealand’s lifestyle & environment

Being designed right here in New Zealand by kiwi architectural designers all our plans are designed for the kiwi lifestyle & environment. They are all homes that the modern kiwi family would love to call their own. Our plans are proven, consented , using standard roofing, cladding & foundation types that comply with New Zealand’s stringent building standards. They are selected to suit our harsh & variable climate & challenging topography.

Our collections of plans provide an impressive range of house designs to suit varying lot sizes, layout requirements & building & planning controls. There’s something for every style & area.

We can work with you to select the right plans to suit your specific subdivision.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a quick, precise plans based on an agreed brief. With our extensive range of plans for subdivisions, you can select homes that suit your needs.

ASAP plans is discretely behind the development of subdivisions from 10 – 100 lot developments across New Zealand. We are currently working on subdivisions in Auckland, Tauranga, the Waikato & Wellington with developers, housing companies, builders & franchise housing organisations.

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