One of the biggest hurdles for developers is getting consents processed.

We have an experienced team of specialists dedicated to obtaining building consents quickly & smoothly for each subdivision. We work closely with local councils across New Zealand to ensure every design you select from ASAP Plans, has previously been issued with a Building Consent. We have also streamlined the residential consent process, which means you will be sod-turning sooner. With ASAP Plans, you’re guaranteed your building consent.

We are well versed in dealing with multiple applications to councils at the same time to ensure a quick turnaround.

Our thorough understanding of the different council interpretations of NZBC & sited standards means you can be assured of full building compliance. We process over 200 consents per year so we know their systems, we know their people & we know what it takes to be compliant.

With ASAP Plans, you will be kept up to date with the latest news in your development’s process, have access to electronic lodgements & always have accurate information around timeframes. You will always know what stage you are at in the building consent process. It is all part of ensuring a quick turnaround from your council.

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